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Seguchi Tohma, the man of infinite sartorial disasters. Or to put it differently - he really can't dress. *sighs* I really don't know why he seems to have such a problem in this department considering how unutterably cool he is in everything else, but I guess we can't have everything. The 'drug-happy drag queen' look as it has been dubbed certainly makes Tohma-san stand out, though possibly for all the wrong reasons. Now, just for those of your who wish to emulate the great man's fashion sense, we provide a guide to his outfits throughout the series.

Episode 1

Well, this look is...interesting. Actually, one of my friends used to have a coat a *lot* like that one, only I think it's okay for girls to wear clothes than look like they've been trimmed with Wookie hair. The cut of the coat is quite pretty though, so I guess I can forgive him that. The quaker hat seems to have been stolen from Subaru of Tokyo Babylon. I don't know entirely what's going on with Tohma and hats, it seems to be something he insists on. Interesting. Underneath the coat seem to be plain black / dark grey trousers (*gasp*! Tohma wearing something *plain*?!) and a high necked grey jumper with weird black patterns on it, a little like an upside down version of the Federation badges in ST:TNG. Hmmm...a closet Trekker?
ALSO SEEN IN: episodes 2, 8 (where he has gloves which match the top), 11

Episode 1

This one only appears in the old picture of Nittle Grasper, as far as I can see - evidently Tohma's fashion sense has got a little less sedate over the years. Here it's just a plain black suit, not a bad cut. I'm just worried by what he may have on underneath it, since I can't quite see it. It could well just be a plain white tee-shirt, but I'm not entirely sure. From the artbook shot of Tohma with Nittle Grasper, it looks more like he doesn't have anything on underneath the jacket. >.< Ick.

Episode 1

Phew, he's racking up the costume changes this ep, isn't he? This seems to be one of his favourite outfits - leading me to wonder if he isn't colour blind or something. Yes, the suit jacket goes rather nicely with his eyes, but the lime-green-ish shirt underneath is really pretty horrid. And lime with a *purple* undershirt? Eww! He looks like Evangelion unit 01! And he must be incredibly hot wearing all those layers. Think it gets draughty in his office? As seen in episode 4, the trousers match the jacket - which has a rather worrying 'tail-coat' effect at the back. Oh dear oh dear.
ALSO SEEN IN: episodes 4, 7, 10, 12, 13 (which is supposedly the next morning from 12 - does that outfit *ever* get washed? Or does he just have three or four identical versions?)

Episode 2

Gah, again with the quaker hat. It's not good, and it's spoiling what could otherwise have been quite a reasonable outfit. The sunglasses are needed for purposes of anonymity I suppose, but I maintain he could have found a nicer pair than the orange plastic-y jobs these look like. Not good. The purple top is close fitting, and high-necked. It seems to zip right the way up. The suit over the top is again quite fitted, and looks like a sort of dark aubergine colour. Quite pretty, really. A little more understated than most of his outfits, as I suppose is likely considering he was trying not to be noticed.
ALSO SEEN IN: episodes 3, 8

Episode 3

Oh dear...I'm not going to ask why he still seems to be in his pyjamas in this shot. Okay, ignoring the pyjama similarity, it's a deep red double-breasted blazer with a darker red collar, with trousers to match. And having got the objective description out of the way...*shudder* Oh man, that's not good. The gold-buttoned double breasted look went out in the eighties, last I checked. Interestingly, the darker red collar vanishes in the last shot of this scene...*glares at the animators*. And they *do* look like pyjamas - the tea and the ruffled hair make it look like he only just woke up from spending the night on the couch in his office. Mika-san got pissed off with him neglecting his conjugal duties, perhaps...?
ALSO SEEN IN: episode 8.

Episode 3

*Action: Calliope falls off her chair laughing* Oh. My. God. What the hell is that?! *helpless laughter* Ooookay, starting from the top. There's a white/pale blue chinese style shirt, which is pretty much okay (you can see from the artbook pictures that the shirt's actually knee-length). The trousers, as far as they can be seen, match the shirt. The outfit rather goes downhill after that though. A blue zip-up waistcoat with bright-yellow edging. Oh, dear. I'm nearly certain I had a pattern for that in a 1970s kids 'I can sew' book. Evidently *somebody* made it. I bet Mika made it for him when they were kids and has forced him to keep it ever since. *squints at outfit* Is it just me, or does this look like Nataku from X's outfit? Only in blue, not purple. Hmm...possibly another one for the suspicious resemblences page.

Episode 8

Wow it's been a long time since he had a new outfit, hasn't it? But considering he wasn't in three episodes at all, he's still doing pretty well in the costumes per ep count. This one is...well up to his usual standards, in my opinion (make of that what you will...). He's wearing that damned hat again though - I hope it has some sentimental value, because otherwise he's wearing it to death. Along with that go a turtle-neck long sleeved top, and over that a...bright red waistcoat. *shudder* What is it with him and waistcoats? Not good. He makes up for quite a lot in my books by wearing a long black coat over the top though. *drooool*. Underneath are plain grey trousers. This outfit is really quite restrained in Tohma terms.
ALSO SEEN IN: episode 10, 11 (direct continuity from 10), 13.

Episode 8

What seems to be his 'concert clothes', and they're really quite nice - apart from that bloody hat *again*. Plain black suit (that seems to be his hallmark in Nittle Grasper, doesn't it?) with a cerise shirt underneath. Okay, okay, so it's a remarkably camp colour, but considering how flamingly gay Tohma is I suppose he might as well signpost it. In any case, it suits him. And even better - the suit has a long jacket! Almost like a trench coat!! Yes, so I am hopelessly predictable, so sue me. This outfit gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me - a novelty when you think about my reaction to most of these little ensembles... I can even forgive the weird black tie thing.

Episode 10

KAWAII!!!! Ohhh, this outfit is more sweet than I can describe! It's got everything - perfectly plain black top and trousers, adorable wire-framed glasses (does he normally wear contacts? Seems unlikely that he'd wear plain glasses as a fashion statement only while cooking...), and the *cutest* pink apron! Ohhh, he looks like an extra from Weiss Kreuz. 'Bless' is the first word that springs to mind. The main part of the outfit seems to be from number 7 above - since that's what he's wearing in the latter part of the episode. Looks much better with the pinny than it did with the waistcoat...

Episode 11

This outfit's only seen in the flashback to the incident in New York, which probably explains why it's that bit more laid back than most of the outfits we're accustomed to see from Tohma. Trainers, grey/black trousers, plain red high-necked sweatshirt, with something like a black tee-shirt under it. Very restrained. Good for dashing through New York towards young friends who have just committed murder.

*sighs* Between Mika and Tohma, they must be the worst dressed couple in Tokyo. Let's hope they never breed.

Just for the sake of completeness, I thought it might be nice to have a quick look at that other Seguchi Tohma fashion statement - his office. I would show you his house, but since we never get to see it that would involve quite a lot of imagination and drawing. Now, the office door opens directly onto a corridor, though it seems to be quite a secluded corridor so I assume he doesn't get bother too much. Maybe he's got a secretary next door. The whole of the back wall of the room is glass, affording a lovely view over Tokyo. Against the window, a large potted palm - a thing of beauty is a joy forever, perhaps? But I always rather favoured the idea that it was there when he got the office and he's never quite bothered to move it. He doesn't quite seem to me the plant type. Mind you, he doesn't seem to be the cooking type to me either, but there we are. Although even I can cook pasta, so maybe I shouldn't comment too much on his culinary skills.

As far as office furniture goes, we've got the enormous desk in front of the window, so that anyone facing him will have to look into the light - something which I'm sure is entirely intentional. The only other items of interest are a large, black probably leather sofa and two chairs he seems to have lying around. Very chic, very swish, and they look pretty damn comfortable. I rather get the feeling that Tohma sleeps at the office on occasion so he can get more work done. The man's a martyr. Between the two is a nice low coffee table, suitable for serving tea to nervous producers. Overall, the effect is spacious and pretty damn cool. Shame the same taste didn't rub off on his clothes.