star sign comment

Characteristics taken from here.


You are able to summon up more power and intensity than any other sign of the Zodiac for the key phrase to describe you is - I desire - and you will pursue them through thick and thin since staying power is another of your assets.

Hn. Alarmingly accurate there. I don't think anyone in their right minds could deny Tohma's habit of single-mindedly setting his mind on something and then pursuing it almost to the exclusion of all else. Just take his pursuit of Eiri - the implication is that Tohma has loved Yuki since before New York, and probably long before that. That's a damned long time to pursue someone who only likes you platonically, if that. Staying power doesn't even begin to cover it.

You are much concerned with transformation on any level, which includes sex and romance where you will pour out all your energies.

See comment above. 'I love Eiri more than anything else in the world...' Even though he's married to someone else, even though Yuki's with someone else, it doesn't make any difference. He's willing to destroy ASK for Eiri, perhaps to give up his career with Nittle Grasper to dash off to New York with him - whatever it takes to make Eiri happy. *glomps on Tohma*

In any endeavour it is important that you think through what you are seeking since you will pursue it with great intensity and determination, your willpower is ready to endure any trial seeking satisfaction so that even death or humiliation can prove insufficient deterrent.

Well, he's made NG Pro one of the biggest management companies in the industry, in a period of about five years flat. Determination would be a polite way to put it. I think the 'willing to endure death or humiliation' would probably apply too, if Tohma cared about the goal enough. Eiri, for example.

In a work situation you can create crisis situations in your mind where you feel unable to delegate and exhaust yourself.

Ohhhhh yes. Just remember Noriko's comments towards the end of the series, about worrying about Tohma working himself too hard. Or Ryuichi's attempts (via Kumagoro) to get Tohma to get some rest. By the end of the series, he's performing in and managing Nittle Grasper, as well as running a record company, and dealing with the Eiri situation. And does he delegate any of that responsibility to anyone else? Of course not. If he did, he wouldn't be Tohma.

You hate to see weakness in yourself or others though you are prepared to offer practical help to get them back on their feet where they can help themselves again.

Well, the part about 'hating to see weakness in yourself or others' is eerily true. Yuki's comment that 'he doesn't just let people fade away' is proof enough of that. He's perfectly willing to boot people he doesn't feel are living up to his exacting standards. And of course, he applies the same standards to himself. There's not so much evidence in the series of him helping to get others back on their feet, except maybe in his efforts to make Bad Luck a better group by including Fujisaki. You could include Eiri in this category, but I don't feel he's only helping Eiri because he doesn't like to see weakness. He's helping Eiri because he loves him, and that's all he can do for him.

Diplomacy is not a strong suit with you since you prefer to tell the truth or not speak at all, you are also driven to investigate the true nature of things and are good at probing secrets which can include those of people as well as the worlds of business and science. You are highly secretive by nature even though you are exceptionally good at discovering those of other people.

Well, I'd say Tohma was quite good at diplomacy, myself. He may not make any bones about being blunt with people when he can (with Sakano-san is an obvious example), but when he needs to he's the soul of diplomacy. His smiling persona for the cameras and for his business associates is all a sort of diplomacy - putting up a pleasant image for himself to lull them off guard, almost. He doesn't mind concealing what he thinks if he knows it will benefit him. But the 'highly secretive by nature' gets Tohma *perfectly*. Eiri has *nothing* on Tohma in terms of repression.

You have a deep affinity for the the regenerative power of nature which you can apply to your own circumstances, the secret of your applied power.


friends and lovers.

You are careful and choosy in your selection of mates and friends so that you are rarely disappointed in them, you start a relationship slowly and carefully and cultivate it along the way. Once you are in a close relationship you will be quite prepared to make sacrifices to preserve it.

Did they have Tohma in mind when they wrote this or what? I think we'd all agree that his major love interest of the series is Eiri - a relationship he has probably been cultivating for ten years or more, one way or another. And being willing to make sacrifices to preserve the relationship is also pretty accurate, in my opinion. Tohma is always willing to drop anything - his career, his business interests, everything - if Eiri needs him. More importantly, he's willing to sacrifice any chance he himself might have at a relationship with Eiri and allow him to be with Shuichi, because he thinks that is what will make Eiri happy.

blood type comment

Characteristics taken from here.

TYPE B: "Hunters": Does things at his or her own pace, strong personality, optimistic, easy to get along with, adventurous.

Hmmm. Well, Tohma could certainly be said to do things at his own pace. He's always in control in the series - almost obsessively so. And no one could deny that he has a strong personality - you don't become one of the top performers or leader of one of the top record companies if you don't. I'm not so sure about the 'optimistic' label though. While it's true that his surface persona always seems cheerful and looks forward to the future, the deeper personality under the mask would seem to have a rather bleaker viewpoint. If he's certain that things are going to turn out right, it's only because he personally has made sure that they will. His obsessive attention to detail and planning might speak against the general confidence in the future that 'optimistic' might suggest. And again, while his surface persona is easy to get along with, it doesn't strike me that Mika has too fun a time of it dealing with him. Those who know him well don't often seem exactly close to him, suggesting that he's a lot more difficult than his easy smile might suggest. And 'adventurous'? Well, I suppose he's willing to take risks if he thinks he's going to benefit from it, but mostly he plans things so carefully that I wouldn't really class him as having a spirit of adventure.

Advantages: Cheerful, outgoing, exuberant, optimistic, adventurous, active, sensitive, kind.

*blink* *blink* Are we really talking about the same person here? I think he gave the records people a sample of Shuichi's blood instead of his own. Yes, his outward persona can be cheerful, outgoing, kind - but I don't think many people would say that kindness was exactly a major feature of his character. Except, of course, in regard to Eiri. He's blunt to the point of cruelty with Shuichi and Sakano, and he pushes Aizawa in front of a car. Hn. Don't think I'd agree with too much of that...

Disadvantages: Forgetful, undecided, disorganized, noisy, spontaneous, prone to exaggeration, inclined toward dabbling in many areas although not focusing too heavily on any single thing.

*twitch* Really, just no. He's none of the above. He's near psychotically neat judging by his office and his clothing, he's organised to the point of neurosis, he's an obsessive planner, and he's single-minded to a worrying degree. I don't think I can find anything to agree with here.

I guess the mangaka was trying to get across the idea of his strong personality in choosing this blood type, but other than that I don't quite understand it. Unless manga Tohma has a *severely* different personality than anime Tohma - since I haven't read much of the manga I can't really comment on that. Or unless Tohma's got another layer of personality I haven't noticed. I guess you could argue that he's so single-minded and organised because he's over-compensating for a natural disorganisation, but that's something of a circular argument. I figure it's just a bad choice - either type A or type O seem more reasonable:

TYPE A: "Farmers": Calm, obeys rules, values relationships with others, very sensitive, cautious and careful.
Advantages: Obedient, careful, sympathetic, empathetic, self-sacrificing, polite, studious, disciplined, outwardly serious, willing to compromise, honest, loyal.
Disadvantages: Worries a lot, hesitant to express emotion, internally emotional, weak-willed, taciturn, stoic, indecisive, introverted, anti-social, wishy-washy, nervous, detached.

TYPE O: "Warriors": Strong sense of purpose, romantic, influenced by peers, good at organizing activities, very proud.
Advantages: Confident, strong-willed, judgemental, dedicated, strong-willed, self-deterministic.
Disadvantages: Workaholic, insecure, emotional, stubborn, uncompromising, cold personality, over-confident, self-centered.