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19 September 2003
*sweatdrops* Phew, it's been a while hasn't it? Sorry, Tohma fans! To make up for it, there's a new episode summary and gallery for episode 7, 'Ground Zero'. This episode brings us Pretty Soldier Sailor Shuichi taking on the NG Pro Massive. No, really.

14 February 2003
Finally got round to an episode summary and gallery for episode 6, 'Shady Scheme'. Tune in for evil Aizawa in a zebra print dress and Eiri snorting bubble mixture...

27 Dec 2002
Be afraid! Be very afraid! For the totally biased tohma site can now present The Adventures of Plush Tohma.

14 Dec 2002
Two new suspicious resemblances are up.

22 Nov 2002
Welcome to the totally biased tohma site. Everything is new - enjoy your stay.