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Episodes - I got mine from IRC. Or more to the point, my friend Jongleur got them for me, as my internet connection speed is pretty abysmal. If anyone out there has a streamload account and wants me to send them the episodes, I'd be perfectly happy to oblige.

Manga - you probably know the local manga shops in your area better than I do. Living in England, there's really not much choice, and I also don't know much about shops in America. However, if you want to buy online, I can thoroughly recommend They're quick, they're efficient, they're friendly, they'll find pretty much anything. They're also based in Japan though, so don't expect them to be cheap.

Sites - I'm not that active in Gravi fandom, so I don't know a huge number of sites (combine this with the fact that my university firewall won't even let me go to the bloody anipike, damnit...). But here are a couple of my favourite Gravi sites for you to look at, if you don't already know them.

Gravitation, by Maki Murakami. An excellent site for the manga, including translations of the early volumes. Not much there for the anime, but the webmistress still deserves major kudos for the thoroughness of her work here. Nice flash animation too...

- nice general Gravi site. Especially notable for its good fanfiction page, including some Tohma-centric fics.

. A pretty Gravitation fanfic archive. Couple of nice Tohma fics, which is always welcome.

- I AM NOT ALONE! *parties* Yes, there are other rabid Tohma fans out there. Hurrah! Visit and support the Blonde One!

Adorably Manipulative. Another great Tohma shrine, which deserves kudos for the title alone, I think. Because he is. *grins* Also, it's pretty and blue.

- full of Nittle Grasper goodness. I don't really have to introduce this site, do I?

Mwahahahaha. Tohma fans will take over the world. Or the net, at least.

Gravi fansite with tons of screenshots.

That's about all for the moment. If you've got a particularly Tohma related Gravi site you want me to see - email me! I'd be overjoyed!

A shameless plug here for my other site - my ickle fanfiction archive, with all my Gravitation fics, as well as Gundam Wing, Yami no Matsuei, and any other fandom which may catch my fancy. If you've liked any of what you've read here, please go visit!