If you've seen Gravitation, you might well be wondering why on earth anyone would want to build a shrine, even a small and stingy one like this, devoted to Seguchi Tohma, arguably the closest the series gets to a living bad guy. You'll probably get even more confused if you've read the manga but not seen the anime, as in the manga Tohma seems to be even more of a bastard, and it's kinda difficult to sympathise with him a lot of the time.

Well, I've sometimes wondered why build this shrine too. I could just say that I always like semi-bad guys (Muraki, Nakago, Zechs, Treize... need I go on?). But I don't think that reason exactly holds water in this series - since I believe that Tohma's not in any way the bad guy. Yuki, now, Yuki's an evil bastard, but he's dead, so that's okay. Indeed, one of the main reasons I started work on this was because I read in the introduction to a fic that many people came out of the series with 'a deep and abiding hatred of Tohma' - and I felt that was really totally unjust. Part of the reason for this shrine was to try to encourage people to think more about the character than just in good guy/bad guy terms.

Then of course, another reason for building this was because I'm a great lover of lost causes. If there's a character in a series who gets largely ignored, I'm almost always their fan. In terms of Gravitation, if you want fanstuff about Yuki or Ryuichi or Shuichi, there's a ton of things out there. You want Tohma stuff? Tough. There ain't none. So in the name of all underappreciated characters, I wanted to give Tohma a little image makeover.

But of course, the main reason for this site is that I genuinely feel Tohma is one of the most complex and fascinating characters of any on the show. Voiced beautifully by Orikasa Ai, Tohma is by turns sweet and ruthless, kind and menacing, devotedly in love and utterly emotionless. There's the most amazing range and variety of emotions and responses in the character of Tohma. Unlike Shuichi or Hiro, we're never sure exactly what Tohma's thinking, and unlike Eiri we don't spend the entire series trying to work that out. Like Sakano and K and Fujisaki, Tohma is hardly more than a beautifully worked cameo role - in a series this short, it's difficult to go into each of these gorgeous characters as much as they deserve, so there are rich pickings for fandom.

I should probably note at this point that this site is almost exculsively devoted to the *anime* version of Gravitation rather than the manga. I haven't read the manga, but I am aware that there are many subtle and not-so-subtle differences between the two. I have included some statistics from the manga for the sake of completeness, but I have largely ignored them. Any die-hard manga enthusiasts, please accept my apologies. Tohma is quite a different character in the anime than he is in the manga, and I have chosen to follow the former - both because I am more familiar with it, and because I vastly prefer its portrayal of Tohma.

Thank you for your attention - now on to the site!

Enormous thanks to my dear onee-sama, Jongleur, who did all the marvellous HTML and design work for this site. Go visit her site, www.thenoodlebowl.com - full of otaku-y goodness!