To get this straight: I can't make pretty things like wallpapers to save my life. I wish I could, but I can't. So instead, I have to nag my friends and beg complete strangers to make them for me. And these are the results so far...

Tohma: The Wallpaper
Love and glomps to my good friend Sibs, who made me this, even though she's not a big Tohma fan (mad fool...)
800x600 :: 1024x768

Tohma: The Winamp skin: Never For Me
Endless glomps and worship to Jongleur, who not only made the spangly layout of the whole site, she also made me this lovely winamp skin! Even though I'm still in the process of convincing her to be a Tohma fan. Thanks, onee-sama!

If you've got a wallpaper / winamp skin / anything else Tohma related you wouldn't mind me putting up here, please let me know! You will gain my undying gratitude and be showered with cherry liquor chocolates. Well, if you live in England anyway. I'm not going to pay shipping to anywhere else...