Not much here at the moment - and there probably won't ever be an enormous amount, as I am approximately the slowest writer in the world. There's also the problem that I have rather less inspiration for Gravitation fics than I do for many series. These stories largely centre around Tohma, and since they're Gravitation they all have yaoi content, or at least shounen ai connertations. The long TohmaxSakano has adult content, so if you're a minor in your area, please use your common sense.

If anyone has a Tohma-centric fanfic they want me to put up here, please feel free to send it to me! Warning though: I'm a spelling/grammar-a-holic (hah, or I'd like to be, if only I could spell myself...), so I may vet fics for SPAG. Nothing drastic though, I promise...

Consolation Prize
A Sakano introspective. Set just before the series, Sakano considers how hes become satisfied with never being the best. Sakano + Tohma implied.

Never For Me
Set after Eiri's collapse in episode 11, when Tohma is deciding to try to split him up from Shuichi, and examining some of Tohma's thoughts and feelings about the man he loves.

Sleepless Beauty
Set just after the end of the series, after both Tohma and Eiri have come back from New York. Mika waits for her husband to return.

A TohmaxSakano yaoi fic. After the series, life goes on more or less as usual - until Eiri and Shuichi's planned departure from America effects both NG Pro's President, and Bad Luck's producer. WARNING: adult content. IN PROGRESS