episode 13 - Got It All


A snowy night in New York. A gunshot, and a dodgy looking bloke, running away from something, crashes into Eiri. Eiri proceeds to give him The Look, till he runs off - leaving his gun on the sidewalk.

NG Pro - Shuichi is telling Hiro, Fujisaki, K and Sakano that he's lost his voice - telling them with little signs, of course. Sakano goes nuts with worry ('What am I going to tell the boss?!'), until K shoots him (with harmless bullets), tells them Shuichi's voice will come back, and blows up Shuichi with a harmless hand-grenade. And at the airport, Tohma is telling a worried looking Mika that he will definitely find Eiri, when his phone rings. Both look nervous but hopeful, until Tohma picks up and finds out it's Sakano, saying Shuichi's lost his voice. Tohma tells him to deal with it himself, and hangs up. He then tells Mika that nothing's more important to him than Eiri at the moment.

Sakano is on the point of losing it (in true Sakano fashion) until fujisaki reassures him it'll be all right it he stays calm. Sakano, revitalised, bursts into the recording studios, saying he'll do anything to get Shuichi's voice back, and with a cry of 'pile it on!' summons a team of sumo wrestlers who all pack into the tiny room. Your guess is as good as mine...

At Hiro's apartment, Shuichi (dressed as a sumo wrestler) is adding sauce to his pizza before he eats. Hiro says Shuichi lost his voice because of what Ryuichi did (blanking him earlier). Shuichi adds more sauce to the pizza. Hiro asks if Shuichi is going to follow Eiri to New York after all. Shuichi adds yet more sauce. Ayeka phones, and Hiro steps outside to talk to her for a moment. When he goes back in, the sumo wrestler outfit is still there, but Shuichi isn't.

NG Pro, night. Ryuichi is sitting in the dark, listening to Bad Luck, looking scary. Shuichi walks in, looks nervous, bows and prepares to go out. Then Ryuichi chibifies and jumps him, stealing his sign pad and using it for colouring. Then he draws a huge picture of himself on the floor - 'singing and shining'. He then draws a shiny picture of Shuichi - and says seriously 'this is song', before going back to chibi Ryu and rushing off. Later, Shuichi sits in the park where he first met Eiri, looking at the picture. He writes out the lyrics for Glaring Dream, and stands by the railings where he first saw Eiri, and remembers the meeting and everything that's happened since. Next dayat NG Pro. Sakano is...being Sakano-ish, while K talks to Shuichi about the problem with his voice, and Shuichi makes a sign that's either a V or '2' - signalling that he's going to conquer both his problems - Eiri and his problem with singing after Ryuichi snubbed him.

A nasty apartment in New York. Eiri kicks a bottle on the floor, and goes into spontaneous flashback - Yuki, drunk, and too close for comfort. Eiri asks him to stop, but Yuki asks if this hasn't been what he wanted all along. Then two mean looking blokes turn up, push Yuki out of the way, saying 'we're paying you ten bucks', handing him the note, and moving in on Eiri. One has a gun, and the flashback ends with a gunshot. Cut back to the present, where Eiri is wondering why Yuki hated him so much, and why it was fated that he should die - rather, the life that should end should be his. He's holding a gun. Then he goes to light his cigarette, and sees the sticker on his lighter of he and Shuichi which they made at the amusement park, and he hesitates. At which critical moment were-Shuichi bursts in, wearing his inu costume. Eiri looks shell-shocked, understandably, and Shuichi is pissed off that Eiri ran off. He hands Eiri the lyrics to Glaring Dream, saying that it was only because of Eiri that he finished them. Eiri says that Shuichi is selfish, only thinking of himself - just like he used to be. He drove Kitazawa to do it, then killed him... Shuichi tells him not to screw around, and kisses him, hard, then asks what sort of crap he's talking. And says that he'd better not try to escape, as Shuichi will follow him to the ends of the earth - because he loves him. Eiri takes another look at the lyrics - and smiles, saying Shuichi really does have zero talent.

Zepp Tokyo, and Sakano is fratically covering for Shuichi, while getting annoyed that Hiro and Fujisaki look so calm. Noriko walks in, followed by Ryuichi, wondering what's going on. Sakano appeals to Ryuichi to hold to fort by singing until Shuichi gets there. Bad Luck and Nittle Grasper join forces to sing, while K co-ordinates an American military plane to bring Shuichi home. Shuichi is dropped out of the plane (just as Sakano starts babbling crazily down on the ground), and lands right in the middle of the stage just as Ryuichi finishes singing. The audience goes wild with applause, and Ryuichi hands him the microphone. Shuichi gets up, and sings 'Glaring Dream'.

As the song is sung, we see shots of: Shuichi singing, Hiro and Fujisaki playing, Sakano, Noriko, Tetsuha, Ayeka, Ryuichi and Kumagora watching, K standing on a roof (looking very swish...), Mika on the phone in her car, and Aizawa standing outside and then being met by the other members of ASK and looking pathetically grateful.

A graveyard. Eiri is kneeling in front of a grave. He stands up, and notices Tohma standing near him. Then he walks away. Tohma asks where he's going, and Eiri says he's going back - back home. Tohma looks almost devestated, and Eiri walks off, without even look back. After a moment, Tohma walks away in the other direction. The last shot is of Yuki Kitazawa's gravestone, with fresh flowers in front of it.

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*deep breath* Right, having got that out of my system... Seriously, I couldn't believe it when I first found out about that bit of Eiri's past. No wonder he got so badly emotionally traumatised when he had that sort of betrayal and pain to deal with. I also didn't realise until I saw it quite how skewed Eiri's sense of his own guilt was - the lines about 'why were you so cursed that you had to die?' and 'I drove him to it, then killed him' really shook me - the sense that he still feels himself as the guilty one, and Yuki as almost the victim. *shivers*

That doesn't mean I don't want to hit Eiri in the last scene though. Oooh, no.

I really want to find a really good fanfic take on that particular section of the backstory of Gravitation. The Eiri/Yuki relationship has a certain amount of twisted deliciousness about it, in a Kat's fanfic sort of way (if you've ever read any of Kat's fanfics, especially the ones like 'Alles Klar' or 'Asche zu Asche', you'll know what I mean...). I'm convinced that Yuki didn't hate Eiri, no matter what Eiri may think about it - the the simple 'alcoholic' explanation they were edging us towards doesn't exactly explain why a drunken pass should turn into pimping the poor boy out to strangers. I also really want to know where Tohma fits into the whole mess - the line earlier from Eiri about 'I was with Seguchi-san' which he was afraid would anger his teacher suggests to me that there was maybe no love lost between the two of them. And how did Tohma know that the murder had happened so that he could go running through the streets towards them? How *precisely* is it 'all Tohma's fault', at least in his own eyes? You can argue that it was just 'I'm responsible for Eiri's safety therefore it's my fault', but I think there might be a little more to it. I'd love to see a really good interpretation of their joint backstory. I'd write one myself, but it'd come out much worse than I think the story deserves. Or I'd run out of thoughts halfway through. Or something.

I like Sakano in this episode. He has his usual moments of absolute weirdness (flying round the room moaning 'ahhh, doushite??' in a dreamy voice ranks as fairly weird, even for him), but also some moments when we get to see the would-be efficient producer as well, and I like those. You do occasionally wonder why Tohma is so impressed with his skills as a producer when he spends most of his time running around like a loon. And we had another nice 'aaargh, what am I going to tell the president' moment. *happy smile*.

favourite Lines and Scenes

Again, terribly predictable choice here - it has to be that final scene with Eiri and Tohma in the graveyard. The one where I want to hit Eiri hard enough to knock that smirk off his face. Yes, he's had a terribly traumatic time, yes, I'm glad he and Shuichi have sorted things out. No, I don't think that's any excuse for behaving so callously towards Tohma. When has Tohma done *anything* in this series to even inconvenience Eiri? He didn't try to interfere in Eiri's relationship with Shuichi until the very end, he's not been too close or clinging, he's not done *anything* but try to look after Eiri, and that's the thanks he gets? To have Eiri flaunt his new relationship in his face, proving once and for all that he doesn't need Tohma any more - when the one constant I always see in Tohma's character is the fact that he needs someone to need him. *fumes* *huggles Tohma*.

I also loved the ending shots while Bad Luck were performing Glaring Dream, when we got a little bit about all the incidental characters we've got to know and love in the course of the series - even ASK, looking - God help me - cute. Repeat after me: I will *not* feel sorry for Aizawa. I will *not* feel sorry for Aizawa...

And the Oscar for most humourous use of onomatopoeiac words in an anime show goes to Ryuichi Sakama, for the most creative use of 'pika-pika' in a non-annoying role...