episode 9 - The Deepest Brain


We open in a flashback to a New York bookshop, where chibi-Eiri is telling a smiling man that he wants to be a writer. We then return to the present, where Eiri is at a psychiatrist or doctors. She tells him that they've finished their session, and that he shouldn't worry - she'll prescribe a stronger seditive.

Over at NG Pro, Sakano tells Hiro, Fujisaki and K that 'The Rage Beat' is doing well in the charts because of the Hit Stage performance, and that should give Shuichi confidence - he's been off work for a week. Sakano tries to excuse this on grounds of tiredness, while K methodically cleans a very big gun and says Shuichi is being pathetic. Hiro tries to calm K down, and says he'll talk to Shuichi. Over at Shuichi's place, he and Hiro are drinking tea, and Hiro asks why he's been skipping work. Shuichi won't answer. Hiro asks where Yuki is. Shuichi says he's been going out recently, but he doesn't dare ask where. Hiro gets pissed off, and asks what's happened to Shuichi's confidence - and why he cried at the Nittle Grasper performance. Shuichi admits that he's always worshipped Ryuichi, and in the performance he seemed very far away from his level. Hiro tells him not to be an idiot - didn't even K tell him he could become as good as Ryuichi?

K and Eiri meet in a park, and K says that Eiri ought to help Shuichi to become as good as Ryuichi - since Shuichi would work best if he had a reward to look forward to. He then hands Eiri two tickets for an amusement park. Back at Eiri's apartment, Shuichi is putting all his Ryuichi memorabilia away, and says he's not going to imitate him any more. When Eiri tries to make a snitty comment, shots whistle in through the window (shot by K from the roof opposite). He hides the bullet holes, and tells Shuichi that if Bad Luck sell a million albums, he'll take Shuichi out on a date. Shuichi dissolves into a happy puddle on the floor. Eiri is disturbed.

A newly determined Shuichi arrives at work next day, and they start the big publicity drive, including a video for the new song. Later, at Eiri's flat, Shuichi is complaining about catching a cold at the video shoot, but consoles himself that it's all so he can sell a million albums. Yuki looks ill, but he snaps at Shuichi when he asks what's wrong.

Back to the publicity drive - photos, rehearsals, the lot. When Shuichi gets home, it's to find a deserted apartment. He's annoyed, until he sees on the television that the press are camped outside - they've found out about his relationship with Yuki. He tries to phone Yuki to warn him, but his cell phone is switched off. Yuki, getting home from his doctor's appointment, is ambushed by the press. Meanwhile, Hiro, Sakano and K also see the TV report - K is smug, Sakano is panic stricken, Hiro is suspicious. Back at Eiri's apartment, Shuichi sees Eiri being virtually mobbed on the news, and rushes out to protect him. He's also mobbed (idiot), but Eiri walks up to him, puts his arm around Shuichi's shoulder, as tells the press that they're lovers. Sakano, watching on the news, goes nuts. Shuichi is shocked. K is reflecting that this is good publicity. Hiro is pissed off at K's mercenary attitude, and storms off - saying he's quitting Bad Luck.

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Another typically plotless Gravitation episode - you have to salute a show where absolutely nothing can happen for twenty minutes, and yet you're not bored. No Tohma-san again, but I suppose one can't have everything. The ongoing plot arc about Eiri's past is slowly unfolding itself - very, very slowly. I'd really like to know exactly what's supposed to be wrong with Eiri - between the headaches and the collapse, I was convinced he had a brain tumour, not just repressed memories surfacing. Together with the coughing up blood, I was certain he wasn't long for this world. Psychosomatic doesn't even begin to cover it.

K-san has the best evil laugh! And the plot to get Shuichi back to work - inspired. And the fact that the press found out about Eiri and Shuichi just when Bad Luck needed publicity, which he *probably* wasn't responsible for. *Maybe* wasn't responsible for. Perhaps. He definitely wins my prize for the most fantastically manipulative character on the show - well, apart from Tohma, obviously. I'd make a K-san shrine too if I had time...

What's with the banana suit?? I don't understand... It sort of made sense last time, what with the 'I hope you trip on a banana skin and die!' line, but I don't even want to *think* about what it's doing in Eiri's bed. I think this is one anime convention that seems to have passed me by...

favourite lines and scenes

SHUICHI: I'm packing away the videos, the nice stuff he's given me, autographs, candy...everything that reminds me of Ryuichi.
EIRI: How idiotic. You think by doing that you won't be aware of your precious Sakuma -
SHUICHI: Huh? Just now, it seemed kind of like a sniper attack... Look, in the wall. (points to bullet hole. Eiri leans on it.)
EIRI: It's your imagination. So, you've graduated from imitating Sakuma Ryuichi.
SHUICHI: Uh...yeah...
EIRI: You'll be all right, because I'm here for you.
SHUICHI: Yuki...You're being really, really nice today..
EIRI: (scowling) Don't imply that I'm usually unpleasant...
*laughs* I love K-san's style!

(when news of Eiri and Shuichi's relationship has been on the news)
SAKANO: K, don't tell me you planned this scandal?!
K: (smugly) Oh no. I'm not that bad a person.
SAKANO: Is that so...
Hmmm, I'm noting a certin K-related theme to my favourite quotations. But he's fantastic! In the absence of Tohma, he always brightens up an episode for me.

An honourable mention should also be made of the bit where Shuichi dissolves into a puddle of gloop on the floor when Eiri says he'll go on a date with him, and Eiri's expression is just *priceless*.