episode 6 - Shady Scheme


The episode opens with a recap of the end of the last ep - with Eiri telling Shuichi that he is happy to be his lover. It then cuts to Eiri sitting at a cafe with someone from his publishing company, who asks whether 'Lover' is a good title for his next novel. He pauses for a second, and then says no - it's cheap. As he leaves the cafe he's pounced be Shuichi, who is babbling about their new CD. As they arrive back at Eiri;s apartment, they are met by Mika.

Mika attempts to hold a serious conversation with Eiri about the possibility of him returning home, and about Ayaka, while Shuichi (inexplicably wearing a puppy suit) whimpers around her feet and tries to catch her attention. He steps in and tries to defend Eiri, saying he's 'easily misunderstood', and then proceeds to engage Mika in a 'which of us knows Eiri best' competition. Eiri, growing increasingly annoyed with both of them, eventually throws them out and locks the door. In resignation, Mika invites Shuichi out for dinner.

Aizawa is waiting outside a swish restaurant (in his usual cunning sunglasses disguise), and is eventually met by , the reporter from the first episode. They go inside, and it just *happens* to be the restaurant that Mika and Shuichi are eating in. Aizawa and look on while Mika asks how long Shuichi has been living with Eiri. She professes herself surprised that Eiri's put up with it that long - she doesn't mean to insult him, it's just that Eiri doesn't get on with people at all. She says that even though Shuichi obviously likes Eiri a lot, he doesn't know enough about him.

Back at Eiri's place the next morning, and he's breaking into his inexhaustible beer supply when Shuichi comes in and apologises for being so loud the previous evening. The two make up, and Shucihi tells Eiri what Mika said about him not knowing him well enough. He says he wants to know everything about Eiri, and wonders what Mika could think is so important. Eiri shuts him up by kissing him, which rather cuts off the discussion.

Mika and Eiri are talking by the Bay that evening - or rather, Mika's talking, Eiri's trying to walk away in a huff. Big surprise there then. She says she's worried about Eiri, and about Shuichi too, and reminds him that time has passed.

Cut to Eiri, driving waaaay to fast in his flash foreign car. He's thinking about a boy with fair hair (who looks a lot like a younger version of Eiri himself...) running through a sunlit park. He shouts 'Yuki!' and runs over to an older, darker haired boy who's sitting under a tree, his face obscured by sunlight. Then a screech of brakes cuts over the flashback, and we see Eiri's car has crashed. He sitting at the side of the road, smoking angstily.

ASK are leaving an interview, with Aizawa looking thoroughly pissed off. Ma-kun (the blond one) tells him that what he said in the interview wasn't right, to which Aizawa replies that they shouldn't have compared ASK to a bnad like Bad Luck. We see him looking angry next to a vending machine, before he gets a mysterious phonecall from Kaoruko-san. Whatever the news is, he looks evilly pleased...

Eiri is standing in a bookshop when he hears two girls reading an article in a magazine about himself and Shuichi. Cut to Tohma, reading the same article in his office. Then cut to Eiri's apartment, where Eiri has thrown all Shuichi's things out into the corridor, and he declares that their lovers' drama is over. Shuichi is shocked, and tries to apologise, but Eiri says bluntly that he just doesn't like him.

Hiro and Shuichi are at a little food stall, with Shuichi in floods of tears over Eiri's behaviour. Hiro advises him to get drunk, cry, dance, or run wild, so Shuichi decides to do the majority of the above. Hiro professes himself amazed that Eiri lasted so long, and asks if Shuichi did something to get on Eiri's nerves. Shuichi says he didn't - except maybe because he asked too many questions. Hiro advises Shuichi to go home and apologise.

At the station, the two girls from the bookshop turn up and ask Shuichi if he's really him - they went to Bad Luck's concert (it's true! Check it out in ep 2! Woo for direct continuity!), and ask if he's really in love with Yuki Eiri. A crowd of screaming fangirls congregate and pursue Shuichi through the station. Shuichi is eventually rescued by Aizawa, still in disguise, who advises him not to go out without a disguise. Unfortunately, the two of the them together attract more attention, and the fangirls are on the hunt again...

Back at Eiri's place, Eiri tells Mika he's finished with Shuichi, but she's not convinced. He hangs up on her, and then has gratuitous soft-focus Shuichi flashbacks, before deciding angstily that Shuichi is better off without him. Cut to Shuichi - rather drunk, at Aizawa's apartment. Aizawa seems suspiciously nice, and keeps plying Shuichi with alcohol. Shuichi starts getting depressed about the fact that being famous means you get no privacy, and Aizawa asks if he's depressed because Eiri dumped him. When Shuichi looks up in surprise, Aizawa has ceased to look nice and sympathetic. Aizawa invites in a group of rather scary looking men.

Down in the carpark, and Shuichi is getting beaten up. Aizawa threatens to tell the media about Eiri unless Shuichi quits Bad Luck. Shuichi refuses, not wanting to harm Eiri's reputation, and saying that if they do anything to hurt Eiri he'll never forgve them. The scene cuts away as one of the men advances on Shuichi, and Aizawa starts taking photos. The implications are...unpleasant.

Hiro, at his apartment, gets a phonecall from Shuichi, asking feebly if Hiro will come and pick him up - he can't move any further. Hiro runs out to get him. Shuichi, in tears and obviously beaten up, wonders why this had to happen just because he liked Eiri and because he was famous - what's so wrong about wanting to be with the person you love? Hiro puts his arm round Shuichi, and tells him that he's not wrong.

Aizawa is bragging to ASK that Shuichi is going to have to leave Bad Luck, and won't be able to do anything against them, as long as he's got the photos. Shuichi is too afraid of anything happening to Eiri to report them. Meanwhile, Hiro, looking *severely* pissed off, confronts Eiri, saying that he said before that if Shuichi ever had reason to cry other than his own stupidity, he'd never forgive Eiri. He has that 'never going to forgive you' face on. He tells Eiri that Shuichi protected him even when Aizawa threatened him, and then asks if Eiri thinks this has nothing to do with him just because they broke up. If that's the case, why couldn't Eiri have done it sooner, before Shuichi got serious? Eiri, looking scary, says that he was too late - and then asks where he can find Aizawa...

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Wow. Um. *coughs* Aizawa's a bastard, isn't he? Yes, thought so. That may possibly be one of the most evil acts I've seen in anime to date, which frankly is saying something. Not that you'd think it from the entire lack of psychological repercussions Shuichi seems to suffer from in the next episode or so. But nevertheless, it's an evil thing to do, and not evil in the fun sense. Good thing Tohma's on hand to play the vigilante, eh?

The worrying thing with Gravi is that it's far too good at playing on your sympathies. Because even though Aizawa's an evil bastard, even though I can watch this ep and be horrified at what he does, I can still look at his reasons and his neurotic perfectionism and his insecurity and above all the way he's so totally destroyed at the end of the show, and I can *still* feel sorry for him. It's unnerving.

On a lighter note, I really do like Mika-san. She's a good match for Tohma in many ways, though perhaps a *teeeeeny* bit more altruistic. Her trying to look after Eiri and even Shuichi in this episode was very sweet though - and not sweet in a cloying or irritating way, just in a 'don't be so bloody stupid' sort of way. She doesn't want to see her brother hurt any more, but she doesn't want to see Shuichi hurt either. She's a genuinely nice person. Wow. I always expect to dislike Mika, because she's Tohma's wife, because she gets in the way of any Tohma slashy goodness I might wish to indulge in. But the fact is, I like Mika rather a lot most of the time. Dress sense aside, of course.

And speaking of Tohma....*scowls* One shot. One shot. Bastards. What's the point of an ep without any of crazy workaholic company presidents? Still, the one shot we got of him was a very nice one - there's a lovely mixture of emotions in that expression. A bit of interest because of the good promotion for Bad Luck, a lot of concern for Eiri, and then that little glance at the telephone before he sets about finding out who's responsible for the article and stringing them up by their thumbs. *happy smile*

And no K-san either. *pouts* What, they think just because they have Aizawa to fill out the crazy contingent this episode that it's somehow going to be enough? I demand K-san and Tohma and Sakano, oh my!

favourite lines and scenes

EIRI: (to Shuichi, on why he's throwing him out) You cry too easily, you're loud...and you suck in bed.
*wince* Ouch. That's low, dear boy, even for you. Eiri can be *such* a bitch, can't he?

SHUICHI: He's adorable in his own way, though he doesn't want anyone to know!
MIKA: I know that! He used to be very adorable!
SHUICHI: Yuki still is adorable! Yuki can only sleep on his stomach and he really hates celery.
MIKA: Once when we made him eat it he started crying and ran away from home for a day.
SHUICHI: He actually really cares for the fat cat downstairs and that's why he keeps crabmeat in the refrigerator.
MIKA: He was a real scaredy-cat and couldn't sleep without the lights on until he was in middle school.
SHUICHI: He calls the cat 'Nyankotarou'!
MIKA: He used to call me 'Mikarin'!
Mika and Shuichi playing the 'he loves me best!' game. It's Eiri's look of increasing 'I'm not adorable!' annoyance that makes the scene...