episode 5 - Winding Road


NG Pro. Shuichi is feeling uninspired and can't rehearse, and Fujisaki is getting annoyed - until K comes in and tells them that he's managed to arrange a concert for Bad Luck at the legendary live music venue Ruido. The only problem is, it's in two days time. Fujisaki and Sakano look nervous, but Hiro and Shuichi are enthusiastic.

On the way home that night, and Shuichi is worried that, what with the TV appearance and the concert and Yuki, everything is going too well, and it's making him nervous. Hiro punches him and tells him not to be so stupid. Then they notice a girl being menaced by a couple of scary looking blokes. Then run in to the rescue, beat up the blokes (finishing by autographing their names on the men's faces), and take the girl out to dinner. At the diner, they ask the girl what she was doing out at night by herself, and if she's run away. She replies that she's just looking for someone, and that her name is Usami Ayeka - and she's from Kyoto. She won't go home until she's found the person she's looking for. Hiro, who's been acting very cute around her, says he'll take her to a hotel, though Shuichi is suspicious of his motives.

Back at Eiri's apartment, and when Shuichi rings the bell the door is answered by a guy who looks a *lot* like Eiri, but with dark hair. He introduces himself to a surprised Shuichi as Tatsuha - Eiri's brother. He and Shuichi bond over their mutual love of Ryuichi and Nittle Grasper - until Tatsuha comments reflectively that Shuichi looks an awful lot like Ryuichi, and makes an enthusiastic pass at him. At which point Eiri walks in, and makes a few very snitty comments at both of them. Tatsuha says he's there because he's looking for a girl - and holds up a picture of Ayaka. Shuichi recognises her as the girl he met just before.

Next morning, and Hiro staggers into NG Pro looking like a zombie, with a very genki Ayaka in tow. Shuichi blows up at him, asking what the hell he did last night, and Hiro shouts back defensively that they went to an all night karaoke bar. Shuichi then tells Ayaka that he's brought someone to see her - and reveals Tatsuha standing behind him. Ayaka says she won't go back to Kyoto until she's seen Eiri, and Tatsuha tells Shuichi that Ayaka is Eiri's fiancee.

Tatsuha and Shuichi take Ayaka to see Eiri, and when she faints in his arms he takes her in and sends the others away. Shuichi feels a little hurt, and Tatsuha says he's surprised Shuichi isn't more jealous - but Shuichi says it was only to be expected, as he can't compete with a fiancee since he's a man. Tatsuha tells him that he's no different from Ayaka, since both of them fell for Eiri at first sight. Ayaka wakes up in Eiri's apartment, and asks if she can stay for a while, since she can't just give up on him. He tells her that he's living with Shuichi.

NG Pro, and Shuichi keeps mucking up in rehearsal, annoying Fukisaki *again*, and only the thought of the concert the next day is stopping them giving up altogether. Then Ayaka walks in, slaps Shuichi, and warns him to keep away from Eiri since 'there's no future in your relationship.' She storms out, Fujisaki storms out, K looks calculating. He catches a rather depressed looking Ayaka downstairs, and enlists her help.

The concert. K is forcing Fujisaki to play at gunpoint, and Shuichi is trying not to look depressed even though Hiro is worrying about him. At Eiri's apartment, Ayaka tells Eiri that she's not going to give up on him - unless he's planning on staying with Shuichi. As Bad Luck go on stage, Shuichi and Hiro notice Ayaka and Eiri standing at the back, but Shuichi reassures Hiro that he's a professional and can still do the concert. As he sings, he realises that he really is just like Ayaka - he loved Eiri at first sight, he won't give him up, and he needs Eiri just as much as he needs to sing. This train of thought ends by him shouting 'Yuki is MIIIIINE!!' at the top of his voice into the microphone. The audience is shocked, but Yuki smiles to himself, murmuring 'yours, am I?'. Ayaka notices, and looks upset. K looks smug, and tells Sakano that everything's gone according to his plan.

Hiro and Ayaka are at the diner again, and Ayaka's actually eating this time - she says everyone eats a lot after breaking up. She says she and Eiri are breaking up because 'he never shows me that kind of expression.' Over at Eiri's apartment, and Shuichi is apologising for shouting in the concert, but Eiri tells him he doesn't need to apologise - 'I'm fine being yours.'

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Does anyone else think they couldn't be bothered with Tatsuha's character design and just drew Eiri with dark hair and eyes? I mean, really, there's family resemblance and there's cloning, and I know which one this is closer to. Eep.

K is quite remarkably Treize-like on occasion, isn't he? 'Ahhh yes, I knew all of this would happen six months ago...everything is going according to my overarching plan...' I think watching he and Tohma play chess would be remarkably instructive. They could both think their way through a corkscrew without bending. It's really a good thing they're on the same side, as it were, or they'd probably put each other out of business. Or destroy the world in the crossfire. Or something.

No Tohma-san in this episode though. *sniff* Where's the fun unless you've got a devious manipulative obsessive semi-psychopath around? *huggles Tohma*

favourite lines and scenes

TATSUHA: *hugging Shuichi* Ryuichi must feel like this too. Don't I look like my brother?
SHUICHI: ...yes.
TATSUHA: You can call me Yuki, and please let me call you Ryuichi. It'll be okay...
*helpless giggles* I know, I know, it's vaguely creepy and more than slightly weird, but it's still funny in an odd way. I mean - Tatsuha's not really going to do anything if Shuichi doesn't want to, is he? Is he? *ruthlessly blocks that unpleasant volume of the remix doujinshi.* *shudders* Tatsuha doing bad things with Eiri and Tohma is not something I want to think of. Ever. *squick*.

FUJISAKI: Can't you respect an artist's opinions or something?
K: *cheerfully, with huge machine gun* I can't!
*laughs* I luff K-san. As can probably be guessed. Just enough psychotic-ness to keep me happy.