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Sheeta's pendant
Laputa: Castle in the Sky
  From my favourite anime movie of all time. This one's always popular on eBay. ^_^


Duelist's ring
Revolutionary Girl Utena
  Finding the sterling silver rings I use as a base is difficult; larger ring sizes are easier, especially if you look in markets.


State Alchemist's pocket watch
Full Metal Alchemist
  The watch even works, too! I love these things. There's an official Japanese merchandise version out now, though I hear it's rather low quality.


Juri Arisugawa's locket
Revolutionary Girl Utena
  Juri's rose locket! Includes the 'photo' of Shiori inside - I print it in high resolution on photo paper, you'd be amazed how much like a photo it looks. ^_^


Inu Yasha's necklace
Inu Yasha
  The infamous 'Sit!' necklace. I usually string it with dark purple fossil stone beads and make the bone-white fangs myself - the colour combination's just beautiful.


Sailor Moon's earrings
Sailor Moon live action
  The earrings from the live action series aren't quite the same as any of the animated versions, so for the perfectionist cosplayer here they are. ^_^


Princess Tutu's necklace
Princess Tutu
  One of my favourite pieces, I love how intricate the pendant design is.


Hatsuharu's necklaces
Fruits Basket
  The coolest Sohma brother is never seen without his jewellery! These are the three necklaces he always wears under his jacket, including the long one with the pendant which he wears over the poloneck outfit with the pimp coat. ^_^


ZAFT insignia
Gundam Seed
  The insignia of the Coordinator forces - comes with a brooch pin attached or not, as you choose.


OMNI insignia
Gundam Seed
  And the matching Earth forces insignia, for Kira/Archangel fans. ^_^


Cagalli's pendant
Gundam SEED
  The pendant which Cagalli gives to Athrun in ep31 of Gundam SEED. I polish and varnish it to look like tumbled coral, which is what I think it should be, since it's a Haumea stone. (Haumea = Hawaiian mother goddess)


Tasuki's necklaces
Fushigi Yuugi
  Flashy, beautiful jewellery for a bandit leader! I used a replica Chinese coin for the medallion, it has the dragon and phoenix on the back, which seemed strangely appropriate for a Suzaku seishi. ^_^


Tasuki's earrings
Fushigi Yuugi
  And the matching earrings. The drops are turquoise howlite, the ear wire itself is gold-filled, and quite honestly I don't know what the red beads are, but they're pretty heavy so they might well be semiprecious.


Kyou's bracelet
Fruits Basket
  Manga version - red/orange and white rather than black and white - made with beads of real bone (reputably sourced) and gorgeous, blood red semi-precious carnelian beads.


Kyou's bracelet
Fruits Basket
  Anime version, the black and white one - made with beautiful white mountain jade and glossy black onyx beads.


Malice pendant
Shadow Hearts II
  Yuri's pendant and the logo of both Shadow Hearts games, which changes colour as the player accumulates 'malice' from fighting. The 'jewel' is made of a dark blood-red glass marble.


Rei's hairband
Saint Beast
  Gold-plated hairband with ornaments in brass sheet and red enamel. Huge fun to make. Was one of my I-wish-someone-would-commission-me-to-make-it list. ^_^


Kilik's pendant
Soul Calibur II
  Because everyone loves Kilik (or should). I haven't found a way to make it look as crystalline as the game art makes it look, but this is pretty close.


Akio's gift earrings
Revolutionary Girl Utena
  The earrings that Akio gives Utena in episode 35! I make them in an elegant, pearlescent silver-blue; you never get much of a look at them in the series but these ares as accurate as it's possible to be.


Garnet's pendant
Final Fantasy IX
  It's a glorious, huge chunk of Austrian crystal with a crown on top. I swear I spent as much time watching the reflections and going 'oooo' as I did actually making this. ^_^;;


Robin's pendant
Witch Hunter Robin
  The stunning jewel is made of translucent red art glass with a subtle swirl of ceramic to create a 'semiprecious' effect. No photo can describe how gorgeous the glass is, I searched for months before I found these pieces. ^_^


Robin's pendant (clay)
Witch Hunter Robin
  Budget all-clay variant with an opaque clay 'jewel'.


Chichiri's necklace
Fushigi Yuugi
  Red and green prayer beads (wooden for historical accuracy, I paint the green ones myself) with a silky red tassel. I love the vibrant colours! Not half as heavy as it looks.


CLAMP school lapel pins
CLAMP Campus Detectives
  The lapel pins sported by Nokoru, Suoh, Akira et al at the CLAMP Academy. Polished brass and black enamel, with a lovely gleam to them in the light.


Amon's Orbo pendant
Witch Hunter Robin
  You have no idea how long it took me to find enough images to get the details right on this one. The whole series is shot in semidarkness, so every shot had to be brightened before I could use it. This one's all polymer clay; I was going to paint the 'metal' bits but it looked so good I didn't bother.


Yuna's necklace
Final Fantasy X-2
  Because the price of the official one is ridiculous. They've changed the detailing between FFX and FFX-2, just so they can sell the new necklace for 21,000 yen. So, here's my go in clay, silver and Austrian crystal.


Rikku's choker and earrings
Final Fantasy X-2
  You can get these items separately, I just made them as a set the first time. You haven't lived till you've covered an entire room with flying, floating, statically charged bits of bright orange feather. ^_^;;;


Luchia's earrings
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pitchi Pitch
  Small, pink, and simple. Much like my little brother.


Magatama earrings
  Had great fun with these playing with layers of translucent clay to produce the faux jade effect. I love magatama jewels, I wish the real thing were easier to get outside Japan...


Anthy's crown
Revolutionary Girl Utena: the movie
  Crown in brass and gold plate - it's actually much brighter than appears in these pics.


Hitomi's Energist pendant
Visions of Escaflowne
  This one really does work as a pendulum, it's completely hypnotic. Start swinging it and you can't stop... ^_^


Hitomi's Energist pendant
Visions of Escaflowne: the movie
  Movie version of the pendant, made a bit redder than the pink of the movie at commissioner's request. One of the few things I make that you could really wear as lovely jewellery.


Eclipse's earring
Demon Diary
  Eclipse only wears one earring, but the commissioner wanted to wear it as jewellery too, so I made a pair and managed to make them from entirely gold-plated components. I like these, very stylish ^_^


Lulu's necklaces
Final Fantasy X
  Two of Lulu's necklaces from FFX - commissioner already had the pearl one so I just made the other two to match.


Runa's choker
  Red velvet, a pink acrylic heart (I was going to use glass but I liked the 'gem' effect), and polymer clay setting.


Yuna's earring
Final Fantasy X and X-2
  Polymer clay beads, and I made the tassel myself out of fine thread. An attempt to be more accurate than that awful plastic phone strap thing that everyone seems to be using... ^_^;;


Millennium Puzzle necklace
  Yugi's necklace, in reinforced plywood and polymer clay, with a zinc chain. A lot of work but fairly straightforward except for the metallic-effect finishing, which took forever. ^_^;;


Millennium Ring necklace
  Bakura's Ring, mostly in polymer clay with some brass and wooden bits. I was pleased with this one, nice gold effect. ^_^

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