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I currently have a batch of cosplay jewellery up on Ebay - click here to check it out! Including items from Gundam SEED, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Utena.


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I am NO LONGER accepting commissions! I've been closed to business for years and I'm *still* getting price queries from people. ^_^;;

1 December 2007 - Selling off some old stock in time for Christmas! Click here to have a look. Two Utena Duellist's rings, Cagalli's pendant from Gundam SEED, Hiei's Koorime tear gem from Yu Yu Hakusho, some gorgeous red gems left over from the Witch Hunter Robin pendant...

15 October 2006 - Tutorial up for the Utena Duellist's ring. ^_^

11 March 2006 - Tutorials for Yuna's necklace from Final Fantasy X-2, and Princess Tutu's necklace as well. Been getting lots of requests for the Tutu necklace recently, must be showing in America or something ^_^

30 December 2005 - Tutorials for the State Alchemist pocket watch, Anthy's movie crown, and Hitomi's pendant in both series and movie variations, are up! The crown tutorial has been a really popular request, although it was pretty simple to make...

28 March 2005 - Tutorial up for Kyou's bracelet, anime and manga versions. Not really needing a tutorial, but a lot of people have asked, so. ^_^

Well, that's it! Jongleur Cosplay has officially closed to commissions. I'll leave this site up in case it's useful to anyone; if you're having trouble making something, you're always welcome to drop me an email and I'll help if I can. ^_^ In other news, my great friend Katy is looking to start her cosplay business where mine stopped, and her first few items are already up on Ebay! Click here to check out her goodies.

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