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How to make Sakura's Fly card hairslide


To make a hairslide the way I did, you will need these materials:

Polymer clay, various colours
A cocktail stick
A hair grip to use as a base
Polymer clay varnish (optional) - make sure you get own-brand varnish! Using other varnishes on polymer clay can produce weeeeird effects. ^_^;;
Superglue (preferably cyanoacrylate)
A little bit of something fuzzy, like a scrap of felt
A length of transparent elastic (or tough cotton would do at a pinch)

Step 1

As usual, find lots of pictures of Sakura's Fly card and get a really good idea of what you want it to look like. Also, since this one has complex colours in, find one pic you're going to use as a colour match and stick with it - otherwise the colours may look wrong when you're done. (ie, don't switch between two pics if one is in daylight and one is in shade, and don't use the same pic on the computer screen and printed out unless your printer is *really* well calibrated for colour)

Step 2

Mix up a bit of clay in bright pink to match the staff. Wrap it around the cocktail stick and roll it on a flat, smooth surface so that it forms a pink tube with the cocktail stick as the core (this is just for strength). Bake the tube with the stick inside. Also, while you're at it, make the 'beak' out of red clay and bake that too. Make it longer than the beak you can see so that it can be easily attached later.

Step 3

Now take some gold clay and press it around the baked 'beak' to make the 'head' of the Fly card - don't worry about the 'wings' yet. Just get the shape and size right. Now take the pink tube and press it into the head. This leaves you with the basis of the shape, but minus the wings and the detailing. Put it down for a minute.

Step 4

Now the wings; roll out some fat little 'fingers' of white clay - for each 'wing' you need three in gradations of length; one short, one medium, and one long. Make the comma-shaped pieces, then press the fingers to the back of them to make the 'wings'. Finally, add the pink dots.

(Note: be very careful handling white clay! Before it's baked it will pick up dust and stains from other coloured clay VERY easily. Wash your hands after handling any other colours, and clean any surface BEFORE you put un-baked white clay down on it.)

Step 5

Press the wings gently into the sides of the 'head' so that they sit correctly. You should now have a Fly card that's done apart from the detailing at the tip of the staff. I bake at this point so as to avoid messing up the head and wings. When baking this time, lay the model on its side so that the side facing up is the side that will face outwards when it's in your hair. That way, if the model gets flat bits where it rested in the oven, you won't be able to see them because they'll be facing your head.

Step 6

Now roll out some very thin tubes of red and gold clay and add the detailing on the end of the staff. Bake again (same routine).

Step 7

Now to turn it into a hairgrip! Cut a very, very thin strip of felt or whatever you're using so that it is the same length and width as the hairgrip. (This is just to give the glue some purchase, because the hairgrip and the model are both smooth and shiny so it's hard to attach them to each other) Glue the felt to the hairgrip on one side, and to the model on the other. Use the transparent elastic or cotton to wrap around the model and hold it onto the hairgrip, and tie it tight. Let the glue dry thoroughly.

And you're done! As a random finishing touch when I made the second one of these, I varnished the pink 'eyes' on the wings, which makes them a little bit extra-shiny compared to the rest, so they look gem-like. I like the effect. ^_^

Click on the thumbnail below to see what I ended up with.

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