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Anything you might want to know about my stuff!

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What do you make your items out of?

Mostly polymer clay, but also paint, varnish, beads of all kinds, jewellery findings of various different metals, anything I need to get the job done! I avoid 'cheap'-looking materials like plastic, unless the item's supposed to look like that... I love to use quality natural materials and semi-precious stones, when I get the chance!

What is polymer clay?

Polymer clay is a manmade material that remains pliable for long periods, but bakes or 'cures' in your home oven at a fairly low temperature. You can sculpt it, carve it, stamp it, texture it, sand it, buff it, paint it, and build with it to create sculpture, accessories, figurines, dolls, or jewelry. (from the National Polymer Clay Guild)

You may have heard of polymer clay brands such as Fimo, Sculpey or Premo. I mostly use Fimo, because it's much stronger and more resilient than the others, but sometimes I use Sculpey when things need to be light and I'm not too worried about them breaking in use.

Do you make cosplay costumes, as well as jewellery and accessories?

Nope, sorry. I can't sew to save my life, so I don't do fabric work (clothes, plushies, that kind of thing). I make jewellery, accessories, cosplay props, anything you can make with craft materials, you name it I'll have a go at making it. But no sewing. ^_^;;

Where do you get the silver rings from that you use to make Utena duelist's rings?

I'm afraid I haven't been able to find a regular supplier of rings of the right shape and size yet, so I rely on spotting them in shops and on market stalls.

I'm not in the UK and I really can't pay by Paypal. Isn't there another way?

If you really, really can't manage Paypal, then let me know and we'll try to work something out. As a last resort, I will accept cash by mail in British pounds, but you send it entirely at your own risk (I strongly recommend some kind of registered mail if you want to do this).

What if my item's lost/broken in the post?

I'm afraid I can't take responsibility for items lost in the post, but if you're particularly worried you can always choose the shipping option with insurance. If your item breaks in the post and it's my fault (I mean, if I didn't pack it adequately, as opposed to 'the Royal Mail sorting office was overrun by stampeding elephants') then let me know, you're entitled to a full or partial refund. If you picked one of the shipping options with insurance, then there's no problem anyway.

How much is (whatever) in my currency?

There's a good currency converter here which you can use to check my prices in your currency. Remember that exchange rates change all the time though, and the rate that matters is the one on the day you pay. Use the currency converter to give you an estimate, don't treat it as a final figure. ^_^

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Things I'd love to make

By way of a reward for reading this far down the page ^_^

A set of Lulu's jewellery from FFX, including those insanely cool hair pins.

An obscenely expensive version of the magic flask from Chrno Crusade which actually opens out in its four quarters like the one in the anime.

Nanami's giant cowbell from Utena (I have *no* idea how I'd make this one, but I'd find a way, dammit ^_^)

Rei's hair ornaments/hairband from Saint Beast, just because I love him and because Rei cosplay would be beee-yootiful. UPDATE: Done, wahey! Thank you Aspen very very much for making me a happy bunny. ^_^

*coughs* And now I'll stop.

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