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Historical jester info

Useful stuff on this site
The Legend & Reality section has some info about historical and legendary jesters, sorted by continent. Look in the Literature section if you want to read how some authors write about jesters - including some from medieval times.

The Jester Pages
The Jester Pages has good information if you want to find out about European jesters.

Shakespearean jesters

Useful stuff on this site
I have a section on jesters in Shakespeare.

The Fool As Social Critic In Shakespearean Comedy
A great article about how Shakespeare's clowns turn the world upside down - they speak the truth and are clever, while everyone else talks nonsense and is foolish.

Why Does Feste Talk In Riddles?
Kind of a weird site (Ask Shakespeare...?) but this particular page is good I think.

Folly of the Fool
Page about the Fool in King Lear, and the way he and Lear slowly swap positions during the play - the fool becoming wise as the King goes crazy.

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