Jester Miscellany

Jester Shadowgraph

From Shadowgraphs Anyone Can Make, published in America in 1927.

Jester 'Shadowgraph'
How to make a jester hand shadow. Uh-huh. Incidentally, I find it much easier if you make his nose with your left hand middle finger, rather than the third finger. That hurts...

Alton Towers McDonald's

'Jester's Court' McDonald's
The fast food outlet at Alton Towers, the biggest theme park in Britain, is jesterified! Which just goes to show you that corporatism spreads everywhere. It also goes to show that my family do listen to me ranting sometimes, since it was my little brother who spotted it and took this photo for me.

Jess Star

Jester themed chocolate packet
One of the alternative packet covers for Magic Stars (you get 'em in the UK, I don't know about anywhere else). Scanned by my dear Calliope, because she didn't have anything better to do. :-)

By David Sipress, published in the New Yorker

New Yorker cartoon
This wonderful cartoon by David Sipress was published in the New Yorker on 17th January 2005. Who doesn't need an extra jester in their life? © David Sipress, and you can buy prints here.

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