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Jester Information

For a more academic set of info links, try the Jester Articles page.

A rather great site which should be better-known than it is. Dedicated to 'tracking the trickster's ilk'. Has some good links, a few images, some fascinating snippets of fact and fiction and an excellent bibliography with a load of books I've never heard of. Check it out.

Fool's Paradise
This is the resource of all resources. In the webmaster's own words, 'a webpage dedicated to exploring the complex mythic/archetypal figure of Trickster.' It doesn't get any more comprehensive than this. Whatever you want to know, you ought to find it here.

Stefan's Florilegium
Stefan's Florilegium
Resources for historical re-enactors, especially the Society for Creative Anachronism. Jester articles are there if you look...

Mything Links: Tricksters, Clowns, Magicians, Jesters & Fools
A brief list of high-class academic links. Some beautiful illustrations too...

The Jester's Court
The Jester's Court
Page for historical re-enactors. 'Fyne Musick and Storytelling From Many Folk Traditions'.

An excellent page full of links to (largely academic) resources on the mythology and social purpose of the Trickster.

Two In Eden

Two In Eden: A Play for Two, a Moon, and Puppets
This bittersweet short play casts Toto, a funny vagrant, and Nela, the lonely puppeteer, as Court Jester and Princess and brings them together in a shabby semblance of Eden. This site has an illustrated transcript, translated from the Macedonian.

The Fool and the Joker
Yet another treatment of the tarot Fool and playing card Joker, but a considerably more interesting and in-depth one than usual. Part of a larger site about cards - for those who are interested in such things, there's also a huge links page.

The Jester, by Rathflaed Du Noir
A hilarious song about the battle between a jester and a bard, written for re-enactment purposes I take it. Read and weep, either from laughing or from the gloriously awful puns... :-)

The Coxcomb Academy
The Coxcomb Academy of the Performing Arts is an entity for promoting and teaching the performing arts within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). As a Fools' Academy they run various teaching events that I wish I lived near enough to go to... check out the site for details.

The Museum of Humor

The Museum of Humor
The Museum of Humor in Coruņa, Spain, which showcases the work of great Galician humorists and cartoonists. Run by Xaquin Marin, who is a well-known artist and satirist in his own right, and who likes this site. :-)
(The site is available in Galician, Spanish, and English)

Jester Merchandise/Patterns

I get a lot of people asking where they can buy jester-related stuff or find patterns to make it; so here are a few items I wish I owned...

Jester Homewares and Gifts

Furniture etc with jester designs, or inspired by jesters (okay, some are quite loosely inspired, but I liked them). Also gifts and ornamental goodies of various kinds.

The Design Patch

The Design Patch
Wow... a whole furniture store with a jester theme. Put 'jester' in the site search and just see what you get! Furniture, glassware, toys, you name it you got it.

Jester Mirror
A rather nice jester-framed mirror. Hard to describe. Have a look.

Kids' Stuff

Toys, baby clothes, etc, with a jester theme.

Jester rubber ducky
What jester enthusiast's collection would be complete without the matching rubber ducky? For the kid. Of course.

Jester Costumes

I warn you now; these are links to where you can get attractive, but not period costumes. If you want authentic medieval gear, check out the Jester Pages or the Dawnpages site.

You can find several fuchsia(?!) jester-type costumes and some accessories here - I don't like the outfits at all, but I do have rather a soft spot for the jester shoes...

The Joke Shop
Hn. This lot seem to have stopped making their jester costume, but they do still have a pierrot, several clowns, and a jester hat or two. Very cheap.

Rozani Designs

Rozani Designs
Now that's more like it! Rozani makes medieval and theatrical costumes - her jester stuff looks great, although the pics are a bit small, and she sells the patterns too...

New York Costumes

New York Costumes
An online costume site who advertise with their mascot, Jumpy the Jester - and they have a selection of jester and harlequin costumes and accessories for your wearing pleasure.


Patterns or instructions for making your own jester-related stuff; some free, some not. Also check the above section for costume designers who also sell their patterns.

Jester Bag Pattern
Free pattern for a bee-yootiful jester bag, complete with jingling bells! I have one of these, which a certain particularly wonderful friend of mine made for me. I strongly recommend them. You'd be amazed how much fun it is to surreptitiously jingle the bells on the London Underground and see your fellow passengers start to question their sanity. Mwahahahahaaa.

Cloth Doll designs: Jonny Binkard
Patterns for intriguing and modern dolls for sale, including a great jester. Not at all cutesy.

Jester Entertainers

Jesters for hire! Clowns, jugglers, comedians and all those who follow the calling, with location in brackets. If you meet this description I'll be glad to add you to the list, please do let me know!

About Faces Entertainers
Many types of entertainer-for-hire, including clowns and jugglers. Page has some info about the history of the different entertainers, some of which comes from this page. ^_^ (USA, multiple locations)

Jonathan the Jester
Official jester to the City of Salisbury, UK, and entertainer-for-hire! Jonathan also hosts the website of the National Guild of Jesters. (UK, various)

Kester the Jester
Previously English Heritage's first 'state jester' in 350 years! (UK, south)

Alex the Jester
Renaissance jester available for historical comedy turns in theatres, at corporate events or in schools. (USA, New England)

The Royal Dumpe Dinner Theatre
Step back into 16th century England for an evening of Medieval Madness with King Henry VIII and his bevy of wenches! It's a riotous night of bawdy merry making and song as you are transformed back to the days of yore! (USA, Missouri)

Clan Tynker
Clan Tynker is a unique family of siblings who, in the "Old World" European style of entertainment, specialize in whimsical performances of a wide variety of talents. (USA, New Mexico)

Vaguely Jester-related Stuff

The Motley Fool
OK, so it's about investment. But the whole jester thing is quite cute...

Jester Interactive
Computer game company of sorts. Not v. relevant but nice Flash animation, and a couple of jester-themed goodies to download.

Jester of Columbia
Jester of Columbia
Columbia U's in-house publication 'Jester'. This site's been down for ages, but is now back up (albeit under construction) with a spangly new design.

The Devil's Dictionary
Ambrose Bierce's dictionary from 1881 is a resource that no aspiring jester should be without; check out the entry for jesters.

Woodward Creative Group

Woodward Creative Group
They're an ad agency, but they have a nice jester logo. Check out 'Fun Stuff' on their site for downloadable jester goodies, and some silly jester-related activities.
Killing Joke are a pioneering industrial-Goth band who are currently staging a huge comeback (with their biggest fan, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, on drums). As well as the name, a lot of the band's imagery is jester-related. They were kind enough to link to me too; and even if they hadn't, how can you resist a band whose latest album has been called 'like Phil Mitchell beating David Sneddon to death with the bald end of a hammer'? :-D This site has all the info you could possibly want, but there's also a pretty Flash official site at


As they put it themselves, 'an online comic about a nymphomaniac jester girl'. :-)

US-centric political satire site with a jester theme.