Jesters in Legend and Reality

A letter from Jesse Dean

March 2004

Jesse Dean was kind enough to give me permission to post this, his account of the end of his court case against the government of Tonga.

Hello Dear Jester Chronicler,

After a long silence I thought you would like to know that I finally resolved my legal difficulties with the kingdom of Tonga on January 15, 2004 when I settled the lawsuit with the Tonga Trust Fund in San Francisco, California in US Superior Court. The terms of the settlement stipluated the withdrawal of the lawsuit with no admissions of guilt or liablity by any of the named defendants to the law suit in exhcange for various cash settlements paid to the Tonga Trust Fund from each of the five named defendants in the case. I Agreed to the settlement to avoid the strain and financial burden of proceeding to a trial with an uncertain outcome that would have ruined my financial future completely.

To counter some of the remarkably inaccurate reports appearing on the web (BBC 2-19-04) I want to let your know that I personally paid $100,000 US to the TTF and agreed to make future payments over the next 10 years of 50% of any earnings from a book, film or TV treatment of my story about being the Court Jester to the King of Tonga. I am already in discussions with members of the Los Angeles Film community about a possible movie deal. I agreed to pay a percentage of my "non-Tonga" related income over the same 10 year period as well in addition to their demand for 50% of any inheritance I might receive during the same 10 year period.

After three years of costly litigation I am at last a free man and I am continuing to pursue my musical ambitions in the name of Jesse Dean. You can hear all my music here.

Thanks for your interest in my story.

Jesse Dean

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