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Well, this site is mine! I made it, I did all the programming for it, I did all the research and I don't think I've plagiarised anybody.
All images and extracts from books etc. are of course the property of the artist/author/copyright holder. This is a celebration of the jester in all his forms, and there is absolutely no intention to infringe anyone's rights.


All the wonderful people who've sent me info, pictures, and other assistance - thank you so much!

Most recent first:

Lorne Kennedy for a jester TV cell.
Marc for a jester poet.
Paol for a jester image.
Thoth for a jester game.
Don Santiago for a jester link.
Josh aka Master Patch Piece for a jester link.
Erik Geursen for some jester art.
Dr Jonathon Epstein for two jester images.
Roy Luna for a jester play.
Stella Carrion Teruel for two new jesters and a correction for the Names page.
Morgan Jarl for a bunch of Swedish jester names.
Mimi Rooney for two Arthurian jesters
Karol for the Polish jester name.
Nan Jester for finding the artist to match one of my jester images.
Lynette Jester for a jester, a book and a story to post, also what a fantastic name :-)
Kelly Hause for two jester books.
Marina for a computer game jester character.
Summer Hirtzel for a jester song.
Krolik for Russian jester names and general info.
Stephanie Morris for a jester link.
Mark Preston for a selection of jester books.
Cody Stromberg for a bunch of jester names.
Jim Ng for a jester poem.
Sheila Livesey for a jester ballet, a cartoon and some other suggestions.
Earl Hazel for a jester story.
Ivan Finch for a jester photo.
Stephen Smith for identifying an artist for me.
Tim Firth for getting me going on the subject of Thomas Skelton, a historical jester.
Xaquin Marin for a jester pic, from the cover of his book no less.
Kristine Lucchese for a jester book.
Jo Cameron for an opera I hadn't got, a book and some jester suggestions.
Calliope! My beloved imouto-chan, for a silly pic. ^_^
Russell Stone for a ton of information, comic, game and RPG scans, plus other pics - entirely too much to enumerate. :-)
Charles Ketring for two jester books.
Mario Reuter for a jester name.
JD Bogdonoff for the wonderful pictures and information, plus the fact that I can now say that my site has been endorsed by the only real court jester in the world! :-)
Andy for some new links and a new image.
Josh the Jester for a jester wallpaper.
Anita Pepper for the great pic of her jester tattoo.
Katy Greaves for the Mesopotamian jester song - sometimes it's useful to know an Egyptologist... :-) And also for a jester pic.
Dan'l Julian from JesterQuest for a new jester name.
Anat Charvet for two new jester names.
Maia Warner for some new jester names.
Ellie Miller for a poem, two books, and some lovely comments. :-)
Camden Andersen for a huuuuuge amount of information on Mesoamerican jesters, which must have taken him ages...
Beverly Bayley-Smith (and her daughter Caitlin) for the great photos of the Once Upon A Mattress production, and also the gallery image.

And all the artists who were kind enough to give me permission to display their beautiful work!

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