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Jester Names

My beloved collection of words for 'jester' from every different culture I can find.

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I'm always looking out for new names! If you know one, please let me know! I want to collect every single way of saying jester that there is...

Resources for Research

I get a lot of people requesting help with homework assignments featuring jesters, and I keep running across articles I want everyone to read; so here they are.

School resources
Got a paper to turn in featuring jesters? Here are some useful links for you. Info ranging from the basic to the very advanced.

Other articles
Articles on subjects like the appeal of the jester, and the metaphorical role he plays. Generally more advanced than the stuff in 'School Resources'.

Articles by me
A couple of my scribblings on the subject of jesters.

A Motley Miscellany

Otherwise known as, everything jester-related that doesn't quite fit somewhere else on this site. Ever wanted to know how to make a jester shadow-puppet with your hands? Me neither.

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Site-related Stuff

Just a few site-related pages that might help you navigate around.

Credits and Contributors
I receive info, help and general insanity from a variety of wonderful people, so I thought it was time I recorded their names properly. If I've forgotten you, don't kill me - just email! It's not deliberate... :-)

Site Map
This site is getting a bit huge and sprawling these days, so if you're lost, take heart! Here is an index of every single page.

Email the author of this insanity
Hi! I'm Jongleur. I juggle, I program websites, I watch anime and I obsess about jesters. I live in the UK, and since I left Oxford I work for an investment bank, which means I have even less time to spend on this site than I used to. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions/complaints/compliments (particularly compliments)... but please don't be offended if it takes me a while to reply.