Jack leaned his head back wearily against the filthy bunk. It had been hours since they’d last given him a dose, and while his head was now comparatively fuzz-free, the cravings hadn’t begun again yet. He could almost convince himself that he was all right.

He looked up, listlessly, as one of his bearded captors entered the room. He hardly expressed more interest when the man removed his false beard and pushed back his headscarf, revealing greying hair and bright brown eyes.

He simply shouted wearily, “I thought I said no hallucinogens! Jeez, you just can’t get the torturers these days – “

“Keep it down!” said the man urgently, out of Jack’s own face. “The name’s Macgyver. I’ve come to rescue you.”

Jack looked sceptically at his doppelganger, as the other man pulled him to his feet. “What with, a fake beard and some duct tape?”

“Now you mention it…”