the invisible city; or, dick mayhew and his marvellous cat - written for yuletide 2007. Of the Evils Besetting the City of London; the Return of the Great Warrior; his Travels and Travails in the company of de Carabas the Traitor; and the Tale of the Lord Mayor of London.

lucifer box series

A Less Than Civil Service
Cross-over with the 60s TV series Adam Adamant Lives!, which recounts the adventures of dashing but uptight Edwardian adventurer Adam Adamant in swinging 60s London. It doesn't matter if you're unfamiliar with the series - indeed, it doesn't really matter if you're not familiar with the Lucifer Box series either (though I heartily recommend both), as the fic is pretty self-explanatory. Spies. White tie. Innuendo. Derring-do. Sword sticks. Implausibly sudden sex. It's all in here.


three weeks in summer - written for yuletide 2010. There are very few love stories which are only about two people. This is not one of them. Canonical levels of Biggles/Marie and von Stalhein/Marie, plus hints of Biggles/Algy and Algy/Peter Fortymore.
home leave, february 1917 - biggles/male character who does appear in the books but I won't name here so as not to spoil the surprise ^_^ WARNING: ADULT CONTENT
old soldiers (november 1923) - do wars ever end? Hints of von Stalhein/Algy.
first against the wall when the revolution comes - drabble. Fits loosely into the same ongoing AU series as old soldiers above, wherein Erich von Stalhein seduces Algy into defecting to Germany during the interwar period - for more, check potatofiend's stories over at biggles_slash.
fly with me - ficlet. Algy + Biggles. It doesn't matter where they go. | inspirational image
stille nacht - Christmas drabble. It's Christmas in the First World War, and a young fighter pilot is in trouble.

Gimlet + Bertie stories
Written for the prompts table on biggles_slash
smoke and fire - everyone fights a different war.

a place of greater safety

six revolutionary pamphlets - written for yuletide 2009. An Entire New and Splendid Spectacle, THE FRENCH REVOLUTION; displaying one of the grandest and most extraordinary entertainments that ever appeared, grounded on Authentic Fact. (Box 3s., Pit 2s., Gal 1s., Side Gal 6d.)


first sight - Raffles/Bunny PG-13. Harry Manders may be small, slow, and useless at cricket, but he can still try to make himself useful.
shade - drabble. And each slow dusk a drawing down of blinds.

jonathan strange & mr norrell

of the birth and career of mr j. segundus - drabble.
the holly and the ivy - ficlet. The English understand that it is best always to remember the ivy.
do homage to thy king - Christmas ficlet. Traditions are tenacious things.

cold comfort farm

the starkadder switchback: a fitz fortune thriller - written for yuletide 2008. Down these mean streets a practical-minded and sensibly-shod girl must go.

chronicles of narnia

falling and flying - Caspian and Eustace on the Dawn Treader

master and commander

god rest ye merry - ficlet. Jack + Stephen.

good omens

fallen - drabble. Crowley/Aziraphale. "How did it feel to fall?"


over the hills and far away - drabble.
silent night - ficlet. Cadfael/Hugh Beringar, implied. A Christmas vigil.