Welcome to Avernus, a dumping ground for Calliope's collected fanfic. The oldest fics here are from anime fandoms, particularly Gundam Wing, which I started writing in about ten years ago; I'm still working on some of the more epic WIPs, but these days I've moved more into literature fandom. New fics will frequently be posted on my blog before I post them here, so if you're interested in updates, it's worth having a look there.

Feedback is always very much appreciated. Unsurprisingly.

Warning: this site features fiction with explicit homosexual content. Stories containing such material will be labelled accordingly, and the author takes no responsibility if you read them anyway and are offended.

Largely-pointless-from-the-legal-standpoint disclaimer: All the works archived here are fanfiction; I claim no copyright over the characters depicted.


A handful of oddments from a variety of fandoms, often written quite a while back that I've only just got round to uploading. Over in litfic we've got old yuletide fics for Cold Comfort Farm, A Place of Greater Safety, and Biggles; two more Biggles standalones, Home Leave, February 1917 and Old Soldiers (November 1923), plus a drabble; and another drabble for Cadfael. Over in film + television we've got two Doctor Who fics, Books Do Furnish A Room and Busman's Holiday, and a Tomorrow People shortfic, Other People's Battles. There's also a very brief (and old) GW ficlet, set in my Otherways universe; and in a new audio section, there's the soul-searing horror that is a Murray/Phillips Navy Lark fanfic. Forgive me, mother.

Proving that I am still updating occasionally, a couple of new fics - two slashfics (A Less Than Civil Service, a four-part crossover between the Lucifer Box series of novels by Mark Gatiss and the TV series Adam Adamant Lives!; and Courting Disaster, a Graeme/Tim Goodies fic), and one more gen-ish (Smoke and Fire, a Biggles fic focusing on Bertie and Gimlet.) If you enjoy, please let me know ^_^