film + television

secret adventures of jules verne

A Gentleman's Agreement - written for Yuletide 2007. "I don't know how to say it any more clearly.

the goodies

Courting Disaster - Graeme/Tim. Wherein Tim starts to worry about his future, Graeme tries to help, and It's All Bill's Fault.

doctor who

mostly harmless - eighth + fitz. What's so great about Earth?
books do furnish a room - sixth + evelyn. A person's bookshelves can tell you a lot about them.
busman's holiday - drabble sequence, following on from the Doctor Who Unbound audio drama Sympathy for the Devil, wherein an AU Third and Brigadier go travelling together.

the tomorrow people

other people's battles - a follow-up to the Tomorrow People episode The Doomsday Men. So the telepathic master-race have downloaded the full horror of war into your unwilling brain and then sent you back to school. What next? Douglas McLelland/Paul Fraser.

pirates of the caribbean

room service Norrington + Sparrow. Drabble. There are some thing better forgotten...

van helsing

three steps behind - Carl. Drabble.


doppelgänger - SG-1/Macgyver crossover ficlet. Because Pearbean likes Richard Dean Anderson far too much.

Adam Adamant Lives! - crossover with Mark Gatiss' Lucifer Box series available over in the books section.